stephan horneJonathan Horne, the guitarist in The Young Mothers and one of Austin’s most prolific musicians, is a forceful presence in an across-the-board buffet of projects that range from pop and rock to improvised music and avant-garde jazz. Horne is the frontman, vocalist, and songwriter in the Plutonium Farmers, a rock-grounded group that has worked with engineer Steve Albini; one of the guitar players with pop adorables Ichi Ni San Shi; and collaborator/touring musician with the powerhouse psych-roots band Bop English. Though Horne is a guitar-first musician, he also plays a variety of woodwinds with groups such as the free-jazz blowout trio Posture and in the forceful improv machine Lo Stadio with percussionist Chris Cogburn. He has also worked with Glenn Branca, opened for Godspeed! You Black Emperor, and has sat in with Man or Astro-man?

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