damon smithDamon Smith’s chops in free improv are hard to beat. The double bassist, based in Houston since 2010, has performed with the serious players, such as Peter Brötzmann, Cecil Taylor, Deep Space Posse (led by Sun Ra Arkestra members Marshall Allen and Tyrone Hill), Glenn Spearman, John Tchicai, Elliot Sharp, Mike Watt, Alan Silva, and dozens more. A mainstay of the Bay Area creative music incubator of the 1990s and 2000s, a scene that included Henry Kaiser and Weasel Walter, Smith has led studio sessions or been in group recordings with Peter Kowald, Bertram Turetzky, Fred Van Hove, and William Hooker. He also runs the Balance Point Acoustic label that specializes in releasing new improv music of American and European players.

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