alivin fiedlerAlvin Fielder, a founding member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) in Chicago, is a sagely veteran of jazz swing on the drum kit who has played with Sun Ra, Eddie Harris, Clifford Jordan, and Kidd Jordan. Fielder studied with Ed Blackwell and worked with Don Wilkerson and Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson before moving to Chicago, where he linked with Roscoe Mitchell, Lester Bowie, Malachi Favors, Maurice McIntyre, and Lester Lashley to record Sound (1966), the Delmark Records release that charted the course for avant-garde music to this day. In 2012, Houston’s Nameless Sound presented Fielder with the Resounding Vision Award for his community work. Fielder, who frequently collaborates with Texas musicians such as Damon Smith, Jason Jackson, and David Dove, lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

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